The New Zealand Organisms Register (NZOR) provides access to primary information on the names of organisms which occur in New Zealand.

For more information on NZOR see our main web pages.

This website demonstrates the use of the NZOR web-services. The site shows you how to use the services to search for names, explore the data content and provide feedback to data providers. You may also upload a file containing a list of names and the NZOR service will attempt to match that list to NZOR data and return examples of the associated NZOR data. This website is not intended to be the primary interface to NZOR data. NZOR is an information infrastructure to allow the embedding of these data into end-user data management systems.

NZOR data content is dynamically harvested from a federated array of taxonomic data providers.

Version: 1.4.0+build.0
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